Seventh Work Weekend For WW

16 Jun

Work weekend #7—June 24 and 25—will be hosted by THL Matthias of Rolling Oaks and Baroness Coquette du Lyons.  If you need to contact them, THL Matthias can be messaged here or called at: 608-797-5466 and Baroness Coquette can be called at: 612-834-7220. THL Matthias will be on site by 7pm on Friday. Can’t do heavy labor? Come join us for sign painting this weekend!

This work weekend, Their Excellencies Nordskogen would particularly like to invite Nordskogeners to come out and work on the Baronial campground. We have a temporary site for this year so that we have grass. We need to think ahead for our guests and for next year. The goal is to make it easier for our friends to join us without worrying that they won’t get a good space. Will you join Baron Geoffrey and Sitt al-Thullaja, please?

Work weekends started on May 13th and will go on right up until WW work week. Useful items to bring with you include work gloves, shovels, axes, chainsaws, rakes, post-diggers, etc. Don’t forget sunscreen, water, and bug repellent, too! Thanks to THL Matthias, we have a covered base camp set up in Strawboss complete with a fire pit, coffee pot, small refrigerator, etc. Please remember that you need to camp in the Strawboss area. There are two carports already up!