New year, new look

14 Jan
An image just before the changeover.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Nordskogen has not had a facelift in some time, so in honor of a new year, my present to the Barony is just that. We have upgraded to the WordPress Content Management System!

New may be different, but different isn’t always necessarily better. I recognize that I have a long way to go before I will consider the foundations of what we are building to be sound. The version of our web site which you are looking at is slimmed down to basic functions to start off. But it will grow, with your feedback and contributions.

I anticipate a few months of growing pains as I work to improve the web ministry’s offerings; for example, restoring the formerly broken Order of Precedence database, replacing the many links to resources which were broken, improving our ability to take advantage of social media, and making it possible for our Chronicler to be able to deliver content independently. Above all, I will be working to improve the experience of newcomers, whose insights are very welcome!

Part of this process has been to determine what our needs as an organization are, and what our web site should and should not do. I have heard the thoughts of some of you in this vein already, but I know there will be improvements that you will want to see, and hope you will bring those suggestions to my door.

Yours in Service,

Lleucu verch Gwilim, Web Minister
MKA Erin Ahlstrom

Cecily of York

Cecily of York has served as Baronial Webminister since July of 2017.