A Missive from the Baron & Baroness Nordskogen

16 Jan

Greetings unto the great halls!

We would like to send out a warm heartfelt thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make Twelfth Night such a magnificent event! We have never had a day run smoother. Thanks too, to all of you who came from far and wide to grace our halls with laughter and merriment and to all of those who brought out their works of art to share, their prowess on the fields of battle to show pride, their performances to entertain, and their teachings to enlighten. So many fun things to do, so many friends to visit with. What a truly spectacular day!

Each year we always look forward to celebrating the New Year with friends and family, this year was made even better by being able to share our 40th Anniversary with everyone as well. It was wonderful to be joined by our predecessors, hear stories of all of the many happenings from our history and learn even more about our people. Thank you all so much for coming out and sharing the excitement with us. A lot of fine folks put extra time and effort into making the day special and for us it is a day that will never be forgotten. It was a good reminder of why it is so great to be Nordskogen.

Thank you one and all and we look forward to spending another amazing year with our friends and family!

Deja and Edward

Cecily of York

Cecily of York has served as Baronial Webminister since July of 2017.