Competition Deadline Approaching

19 Jan

As you may already know, in a few short months, our very own Canton of Nordleigh will be hosting the very first Northshield Arts & Sciences Competition! The deadline for making your entry, though, is coming up much sooner, on February 25.

For those who are unfamiliar with what Arts & Sciences entail, the Society for Creative Anachronism website offers the following explanation:

Arts & Sciences [A&S] are the crafts, skills, and technologies from the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. Participants research, study, and practice these skills and then share their results with others.

If this is your first Arts & Sciences Competition, Mistress Eithni has a great article that may be helpful for you to read, regarding preparing documentation for your project. Scoring sheets, which will give you an idea of what the judging criteria looks like, are also available. According to organizers, soon there will be articles on how to judge an A&S entry, some documentation examples, and ideas for creating your display.

If you intend to toss your headgear into the ring, then please fill out the official registration form, now available on the Northshield website. There is a form for the Divisional competition as well as for the Triathlon.

If you have further questions about the competition, send email to Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, the Honorable Lady Katerina Unru, at

Cecily of York

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