Fourth Work Weekend For WW, June 3 and 4

3 Jun

Work weekend #4 – June 3 and 4—will be hosted by THL Bazyli Boleslaw z Krakowa and Baroness Coquette du Lyons. They are bringing out a brush hog, a type of rotary mower.  If you need to contact them, THL Bazyli can be reached at: 218-370-1678 and Baroness Coquette can be reached at: 612-834-7220.

Work weekends started on May 13th and will go on right up until WW work week. Useful items to bring with you include work gloves, shovels, axes, chainsaws, rakes, post-diggers, etc. Don’t forget sunscreen, water, and bug repellent, too! Thanks to THL Matthias, we have a covered base camp set up in Strawboss complete with a fire pit, coffee pot, small refrigerator, etc. All coming to work on land areas are welcome to camp in that area for free for the weekend.