Dude, where’s my baldric?

14 Jan

With another successful Twelfth Night celebration behind us, we face, as a people, a predictable question…

Where is the thing that that person person left in that place?

Have no fear! Lord Bazyli, the baronial chatelaine, has helpfully organized a list of items great and small recovered from the event, waiting to be claimed by their owners. Simply contact our good Chatelaine, and all the little lost things can go home!

Twelfth Night Lost and Found

Do any of these items belong to you?

  • Mens’ black work boots, timberland, size 10
  • Men’s tennis shoes, white, champion
  • Harry potter zip hoodie, black
  • Rapier shield, green leather covered
  • Black leather pouch with a brown belt inside
  • Green wrap/scarf
  • Knee brace, velcro
  • Gold woven basket with lights and tassels
  • CD, poems and songs of Owen Alun
  • Celtic knot pin
  • Northshield populace patch
  • Young person’s winter coat, black, Aspen sport
  • Rapier buckler, steel
  • Brown belt, woven, modern
  • Brown leather gloves, sm/med
  • Foot massager, wooden bead design, new
  • Foot soak powder, un-opened
  • Child’s cloak, brown with red collar and leaf clasp
  • Red and black fighter’s gambison
  • Partial roll of yellow duct tape
  • Metal tankard, black fake flower inside
  • White linen coif
  • White ruff
  • Soap, round bar with snow flake imprint
  • Tea, mad baroness
  • Cloth bag, blue with white snowflakes
  • Cloth bag white with poinsettias
  • Rapier dagger
  • 3 single gloves, no matches
  • Marshall’s rod, cricket bat
  • Small heavy fighter’s sword, white, green handle.
  • Subway gift card in a gift box
  • Red quilted bag
  • Faded green duffle bag
  • Paper bag with feminine products
  • Chopping axe ornament, on a partial chain

Items that are crossed though have been claimed by their owners.

Cecily of York

Cecily of York has served as Baronial Webminister since July of 2017.