New Baron and Baroness Selected

19 Nov
On behalf of Their Majesties, I am pleased to announce that Geoffrey of Warwick and Samia al-Kaslaania have been chosen to be the next Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen. Their Investiture will take place at Nordskogen 12th Night. For Northshield, ... Read more »

Dance Practice Nov. 22

18 Nov
Dance practice will be happening again on the afternoon of Nov. 22, in our practice space in Rm. 107 at the Geek Partnership Society from 3:30–5:30 p.m. If you aren’t a member of our Nordskogen Dancers group on Facebook, let ... Read more »

Twelfth Night 2016

18 Nov
Our winter bash will be held at Lord of Life in Ramsey, and will be event stewarded by Lady Isabetta Viari. Pre-registration continues to be open through mid-December, with 30 of 90 feast tickets already sold. Details are forming up ... Read more »

A Note of Thanks

17 Sep
At the close of their reign, Their Graces King Tom and Queen Sigrid sent a missive, which Their Excellencies Baron Edward and Baroness Deja wish to share: Greetings, Your Excellencies, Please thank your populace of Nordskogen for their gift of ... Read more »

Extra Fencing on Tuesday

14 Sep
Nordskogen fencers will have an unofficial practice in Lauderdale Community Park in Lauderdale at Fulham and Roselawn (by the 36/35-W split) on Tuesday, Sept. 15, starting around 6–6:30 p.m. When it gets too dark, the fencing will move up the ... Read more »

September Business Meeting

14 Sep
Our good lady Seneschal, Niamh ingen Dhomnail, wishes it to be known that this Wednesday, September 16, will be our monthly business meeting. We will be electing a new rapier marshal to replace the Magnifico Niccolo. There are two candidates, ... Read more »

Sing along for the Bardic Arts!

14 Sep
The Bardic community in Nordskogen regularly meets on the weekends, but will be present at our Wednesday, Sept. 23 meeting. You don’t have to sing like one of the three tenors to learn some traditional Northshield songs! Newcomers are ... Read more »