A&S: Loop-de-Loop

9 Mar
Minister of Arts and Sciences Sheikah Samia al-Kaslaania invites those that plan to attend our next meeting on the evening of March 11 to join her in learning the perfectly period art of finger loop braiding. String will be provided ... Read more »

Crafty Wednesday: Hoods

16 Feb
Haul out  fabric and your sewing supplies! Minister of Arts and Sciences Sheikah Samia al-Kaslaania is preparing to lead the meeting group on Wednesday, February 25 in making hoods for your garb. Hoods in various shapes and constructions are documented ... Read more »

Help Wanted!

9 Feb
Our good lady Seneschal Ivetta reminds the populace that we have five Baronial officers who plan to step down and who are currently seeking their replacements. These roles are: Baronial Herald Baronial Rapier Marshal Baronial Knights Marshal Baronial Exchequer Baronial ... Read more »

Shall we dance?

6 Feb
Our own Lady Isabetta is looking to determine just that, as she is soliciting statements of interest from those who would see the art taught and practiced within the Barony. Nordskogen has not held a regular practice in some time, ... Read more »

Bardic Circle Forthcoming

2 Feb
The fabulous and talented Idonea le Lakere will be hosting a bardic circle event at her home on the afternoon of Sunday, February 15, following archery practice! The event will begin at 3:30 p.m. If you want to tell the ... Read more »

Crafty Wednesday: Tunic Workshop

28 Jan
The Barony Minister of Arts and Sciences, Sheikah Samia al-Kaslaania, invites one and all to work on tunics at this evening’s meeting. Bring yourself and a measuring tape or bring a favorite tunic you want to copy or bring a ... Read more »

Competition Deadline Approaching

19 Jan
As you may already know, in a few short months, our very own Canton of Nordleigh will be hosting the very first Northshield Arts & Sciences Competition! The deadline for making your entry, though, is coming up much sooner, on ... Read more »