Baronial Officers

Remember that officers also have modern lives. Unless otherwise noted, please refrain from calls after 9:00 p.m. Officers marked with a red asterisk * are stepping down, and are seeking candidates for their replacement.

Seneschal (President)

Baron Thomas Bordeaux | JP Andrews
562-552-7164 |

Responsible for the administration of the barony.


Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasurer & Vice President)

Lord Wolfstanus Lightfote | Ayron Edwards
651-497-8776 |

Responsible for the finances of the barony.



Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn | Susan Henry
651-699-0714 |

Takes meeting minutes and produces the weekly and monthly newsletters.


Chatelaine (Welcome Wagon)*

The Honorable Lord Bazyli Boleslaw z Krakowa | Mark Olfson

The official newcomer welcomer.  Maintains the Gold Key, our collection of loaner garb for newbies.


Herald/Pursuivant (Master-of-Ceremonies)

Lady Checheyigen Oyugun | Mary Kirk
612-578-3701 |

Responsible for heraldry and ceremonial protocol.


Minister of Arts & Sciences

Lady Helena the Quiet | Suzanne Lewis

Fosters the pursuit of period arts and sciences within the barony.

Knight Marshal*

Sir Herjolf Eilifsson | Andy Coffman

Coordinates the armored combat practices on Tuesday nights.


Rapier Captain*

Baron Bastien de la Mesa | Jes Robinson
612-816-7121 |

Coordinates the rapier practices that take place Wednesdays alongside our weekly meetings.


Archery Captain

Lady Cyneburg | Emma Egner

Coordinates the archery practices that take place around the Barony on Sundays.


Thrown Weaponry Captain

Lady Idonea la Lakere | Kat Gavin-Ballanger

Coordinates the thrown weapons practices on Sunday mornings.


Clerk of Precedence (Awards)

Baroness Coquette du Lyons | Jennifer Bingham-May
612-834-7220 |



The Honorable Lady Una Duckfoot | Pam Arnold
651-262-8079 |

Coordinates the production scrolls for baronial awards.


Quartermaster (Property Manager)

Baroness Khadijah | Kay Marszalek
763-537-8846 |

Maintains the equipment belonging to the barony.


Lady Cecily of York | Cathy Coffman

Maintains the barony’s online presence.


Youth Boffer Marshal

Lord Ulf inn hugprúði | Tim Seldal
715-682-2196 |

Coordinates the youth boffer practice on Tuesday nights.