Baronial Officers

Remember that officers also have modern lives. Unless otherwise noted, please refrain from calls after 9:00 p.m. Officers marked with a red asterisk * are stepping down, and are seeking candidates for their replacement.

Seneschal (President)

Baron Thomas Bordeaux | JP Andrews
562-552-7164 |
Responsible for the administration of the barony.


Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasurer & Vice President)

Lord Wolfstanus Lightfote | Ayron Edwards
651-497-8776 |
Responsible for the finances of the barony.



Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn | Susan Henry
651-699-0714 |
Takes meeting minutes and produces the weekly and monthly newsletters.

Chatelaine (Welcome Wagon)*

Temporarily filled by Baron Thomas Bordeaux.  If you are interested in filling this position, please contact Baron Thomas.

The official newcomer welcomer.  Maintains the Gold Key, our collection of loaner garb for newbies.


Herald/Pursuivant (Master-of-Ceremonies)

Lady Checheyigen Oyugun | Mary Kirk
612-578-3701 |
Responsible for heraldry and ceremonial protocol.


Minister of Arts & Sciences

Lady Helena the Quiet | Suzanne Lewis

Fosters the pursuit of period arts and sciences within the barony.

Knight Marshal

Baron Refkell Melrakki Einarsson | Ray Ramey
919-219-5640 |
Coordinates the armored combat practices on Tuesday nights.


Rapier Captain

Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir | Libby Aufderheide
Coordinates the rapier practices that take place Wednesdays alongside our weekly meetings.


Archery Captain

Lady Cyneburg | Emma Egner
Coordinates the archery practices that take place around the Barony on Sundays.


Thrown Weaponry Captain

Lady Idonea la Lakere | Kat Gavin-Ballanger
Coordinates the thrown weapons practices on Sunday mornings.


Clerk of Precedence (Awards)

Baroness Coquette du Lyons | Jennifer Bingham-May
612-834-7220 |



The Honorable Lady Una Duckfoot | Pam Arnold
651-262-8079 |
Coordinates the production scrolls for baronial awards.


Quartermaster (Property Manager)

Baroness Khadijah | Kay Marszalek
763-537-8846 |

Maintains the equipment belonging to the barony.



Lady Cecily of York | Cathy Coffman

Maintains the barony’s online presence.


Youth Boffer Marshal

Lord Tribaldi di Gritti (formerly Lord Ulf inn hugprúði) | Tim Seldal
715-682-2196 |

Coordinates the youth boffer practice on Tuesday nights.