Armored Combat

Photo by Melissa von Atzinger (Marissa Williams).

Chivalric combat as practiced in the high middle ages draws people sixteen and older. Using real armor and weapons made from rattan, armored combat is a martial art, not a stage show. Participants are taught safe techniques, and how call blows on an honor system. New participants can work with our Knights Marshal to borrow gear, but must bring appropriate groin protection of their own. Sixteen and seventeen year olds must have a legal guardian present at all times. All genders welcome in our modern middle ages!


Armored Combat Practice

Tuesday Nights in South Minneapolis at Brackett Park, 2728 39th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN, 55406 from 6:00–9:00 p.m. These gatherings are run by the Knight Marshal who you may contact with questions about how practices are carried out. Loaner armor is available with advance notice.