The noble practice of archery using recurve, long bows, and crossbows is a popular pastime for our Barony. Participants of any age can try their hands at shooting a variety of targets from a number of ranges. Our Archery Captain maintains a collection of loaner gear for newcomers to get a taste of the options. Join us at indoor or outdoor ranges, depending on the weather.


Armored Combat

Chivalric combat as practiced in the high middle ages draws people sixteen and older. Using real armor and weapons made from rattan, armored combat is a martial art, not a stage show. Participants are taught safe techniques, and how call blows on an honor system.


Bardic and Performing Arts

Musical and vocal performance is a skilled trade in the Barony. Poetry and song might take the form of historical reproduction, or inspired by feats both historical and re-creational. Monthly workshops introduce a theme for inspiration, and allow room for your muse.



A wide range of options can fill your historical closet! From Romeo and Juliet in the Italian Renaissance, to Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon England, to early Musketeers in France, and everywhere in between. While our focus tends towards the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Western Europe, many individuals branch out into other cultures who had contact with medieval Europe. Sewing circles and workshops pop up on a regular basis, “garb” can be borrowed from the Baronial closet, and many talented artists sell garb.


From blacksmithing to weaving, woodworking to jewelry-making, if the craft was practiced before the year 1600, you can find someone practicing it in the SCA.  Nordskogen is home to many talented craftspeople who would be happy to teach you at one of our crafting nights.


Rapier Fencing

While the Olympic sport comes to mind for many, the SCA sport involves 360 degree motion for combatants. Our Rapier Captain can loan gear for people to get a taste of this classic martial art. Participants of all genders learn modern and historical fencing techniques at our weekly gathers (yes, the “Capoferro technique!” is a real thing). Participants aged fourteen to seventeen will need a legal guardian in the training space at all times.


Scribal Arts

The beautiful manuscripts that were written and painted by hand in our period are recreated by our scribal artists in the form of awards.  You too can learn to practice the arts of calligraphy and illumination and create fabulous works of art.



Thrown Weapons

Throwing sharp things at targets is a blast!  Under safe, controlled conditions during fair weather, we host a thrown weapons gathering for participants to learn to throw axes, knives, and javelins with ease and accuracy.



Youth Activities

We have a variety of ways for youth to be involved!  Nordskogen offers youth boffer fighting, archery and thrown weapons, and involvement in the crafts, offering a number of ways for children to find their love of history.